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5 Best Sleep Positions for Back Pain Relief

Are you struggling with finding the correct sleep positions for back pain relief? Well, here are some proven methods to help you have pain-free and sound sleep.

What is Mindful Eating? Is It Better Than Dieting?

Being mindful while eating food promotes better digestion through keeping your hunger in control with lesser food intake. It also contributes to wiser choices of food in the future. You will have healthier choices of foods.

Sleep Calculator: Know How Many Hours of Sleep You Need?

Sleep disorders are more common today than ever before. Understanding how many hours of sleep you need begins with understanding sleep itself. Once you understand sleep and its dynamics, hacking the brain’s sleep cycles is not as difficult as it seems.

15 Minutes of Bedtime Yoga for Stress Relief

There is plenty of scientific evidence proving the effectiveness of Yoga for Stress relief and better mental health. It is not difficult to fit easy, quick, and calming bedtime yoga into your routine. 15 minutes right before bedtime is all you need to unburden, sleep well and wake up re-energized.