4 Week Weight Loss Workout Plan For Women To Do At Home

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This is a 4 week workout plan for weight loss for women. The workout plan needs no equipment and helps burn calories fast by focusing on core, lower and upper body muscles.

Are you tired of trying out workout routines for women that are hard to follow, with little or no consideration for the female anatomy or, more specifically, a recovering mother?

If you have been trying to lose weight for so long or need a weight loss workout plan for women as beginners that helps to burn calories without interfering with other daily activities, then you are in the right place. This home workout plan for women is loaded with various types of exercise and rest days that allow you to recover your strength throughout your fitness journey.

Ideally, a weight loss workout plan at home that will span four weeks is the best choice to get you the desired result. Aside from the general benefits of working out, doing it at home has far-reaching effects on your psyche and long-term well-being.

Stats [1]Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among Adults in the United States reveal that in the United States, female obesity is rising; one in five adults (18.8% Men and 19.3% Women) are obese. Hence curbing this growing trend depends on finding a perfectly tailored plan matching the female anatomy.

Keep in mind that this routine is a 4 week workout plan for weight loss female especially for those who are trying to lose weight fast at home. Therefore, many of the elements of this workout plan are well-channeled towards toning the body of a woman to the right proportions for daily healthy living. 

Things to do before your workout

However, you must be willing to stay consistent if you want to see quick results in your fat loss/weight loss journey. In this article, you will learn about the things to do before commencing your workout, the types of exercises to perform, and get a detailed 4-weeks weight loss workout plan.

Before embarking on this 4-weeks healthy weight loss journey, it is of great importance to put in place a few pre-workout activities, some of which include:


For you to last the entire duration of your weight loss workout sessions, your body requires energy. This energy can be supplied by a small quantity of a meal that combines protein and carbs.  For example, you can also have oatmeal, apples, or bananas. All meals must be consumed at least 2 hours before the exercise.

Water Intake

To regulate your body temperature and lubricate your joints, you need water everyday. A cup of water 30 minutes before the exercise will do the trick. It will help transport nutrients to energize the body and keep you healthy.


It is essential to have your muscles fired up for the ordeal your body is about to undergo. Moreover, it will help you avoid painful muscle cramps and other undesirables. 

Types of exercises to include

Achieving the right results depends on finding the precise balance between cardio workouts and strength training routines.

Studies [2]SAGE journals: Mental Health Benefits of Strength Training in Adults have shown that strength training helps in improving bone density and tend to build lean muscle/muscle mass (which burns body fat), and further reduces anxiety symptoms while increasing your confidence and sleep quality. 

On the other hand, cardio workout helps in many ways as it usually affects all the muscles in your body.  It improves your cardiovascular fitness, blood flow thereby reducing the chances of arthritis or a heart attack. Additionally, it enhances memory and cognitive abilities.

Hence, this workout plan will involve drills that alternate between cardio and strength training sessions focused on your lower and upper body. The exercises will also alternate between high-intensity and low-intensity sessions, ultimately resulting in fast calorie burn. 

Some of the exercises include:

  • Jumping Jacks 
  • Side Plank
  • Russian Twists
  • Squat Jump
  • Push-Ups
  • Lunge Kicks
  • Wall Sit
  • Side Crunches
  • High Knees

4 Week weight loss workout plan for women

The 4-week workout plan for weight loss female at home will involve 45 minutes daily workout sessions that will cover all bases. All sessions are preceded by a warm-up and stretching routines to get your body going. 

After warming up, you can start with the daily workout sessions. Mondays to Fridays will be workout days, while Saturdays and Sundays will be rest days. Below you can find quick and easy workout plans to lose weight at home:

Week 1 

Every day starts with a sprinting session to get your heart pumping. Since this is your first week, you can start with 3 minutes long low intensity jogging with 2 minutes of high-intensity running.

You can also take a 25-minute walk if you don’t feel like running. Feel free to extend the time as you gain more endurance during the week. Between the different workout sessions, you can take a 30-seconds rest before proceeding to the next item on the list. 

Exercises/DaysMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday SaturdaySunday
Jumping Jacks 30 Reps25 Reps35 Reps35 Reps15 RepsRESTREST
Side Plank35 Reps30 Reps35 Reps30 Reps35 RepsRESTREST
Russian Twists15 Reps20 Reps30 Reps20 RepsRESTREST
Squat Jump15 Reps10 Reps15 Reps5 Reps40 RepsRESTREST
Push-Ups5 Reps15 Reps10 Reps15 Reps15 RepsRESTREST
Lunge Kicks30 Reps35 Reps10 Reps15 Reps30 RepsRESTREST
Wall Sit25 Reps30 Reps30 Reps20 Reps35 RepsRESTREST
Side Crunches40 Reps45 Reps40 Reps10 RepsRESTREST
High Knees30 Reps10 Reps30 Reps45 Reps30 RepsRESTREST

Remember, these workout sessions require consistency; hence, you must follow the sessions religiously. If you feel your body has reached its limits, you may want to take longer breaks in between the sessions but ensure you do not rest up for more than a minute. 

Week 2 

By now, you should be fully recovered from the tasks for the first week, so get set because it only gets tougher from here. You may even feel your body fighting back with minor pain and soreness in different areas of your body. 

However, stick to the plan and push through the pain, and you will start seeing results in no time. Like the previous week, you can start with 3 minutes slow running and 2 minutes high intensity running.

Then another 3 minutes slow running, totaling 7 minutes. You can also take a fair-paced 30 minutes to walk if you have the time.

Jumping Jacks 30 Reps25 Reps35 Reps35 Reps10 RepsRESTREST
Side Plank30 Reps40 Reps30 Reps20 Reps30 RepsRESTREST
Russian Twists15 Reps20 Reps30 Reps20 RepsRESTREST
Squat Jump15 Reps5 Reps10 Reps5 Reps40 RepsRESTREST
Push-Ups5 Reps10 Reps15 Reps10 Reps15 RepsRESTREST
Lunge Kicks40 Reps35 Reps10 Reps15 Reps40 RepsRESTREST
Wall Sit20 Reps30 Reps30 Reps20 Reps35 RepsRESTREST
Side Crunches40 Reps40 Reps45 Reps10 RepsRESTREST
High Knees25 Reps30 Reps40 Reps40 Reps25 RepsRESTREST

Week 3 

At this point, you should feel your endurance increasing, and you may find yourself able to push even longer than the stipulated time in the workout routines below. However, ensure that you do not push too hard to avoid cramps. 

Instead, keep up a steady pace and maintain your rhythm. You can start daily with two 3 minutes of low-intensity jogging separated and rounded up by two 2 minutes of high-intensity running.

Jumping Jacks 35 Reps25 Reps30 Reps35 Reps20 RepsRESTREST
Side Plank45 Reps45 Reps60 Reps45 Reps60 RepsRESTREST
Russian Twists15 Reps20 Reps30 Reps20 RepsRESTREST
Squat Jump15 Reps10 Reps10 Reps15 Reps40 RepsRESTREST
Push-Ups15 Reps15 Reps15 Reps10 Reps15 RepsRESTREST
Lunge Kicks40 Reps30 Reps10 Reps15 Reps40 RepsRESTREST
Wall Sit30 Reps30 Reps30 Reps20 Reps35 RepsRESTREST
Side Crunches40 Reps40 Reps45 Reps15 RepsRESTREST
High Knees30 Reps10 Reps40 Reps40 Reps35 RepsRESTREST

Week 4 

By now, you can already begin noticing the results of your hard work; hence it’s time to finish strong. Startup daily with a short burst of high intensity running 4 times for 60 seconds. After each run, you can take a 3 minutes slow-paced jog.

Jumping Jacks 30 Reps25 Reps35 Reps35 Reps20 RepsRESTREST
Side Plank30 Reps60 Reps45 Reps20 Reps45 RepsRESTREST
Russian Twists15 Reps20 Reps30 Reps20 RepsRESTREST
Squat Jump15 Reps15 Reps10 Reps5 Reps40 RepsRESTREST
Push-Ups17 Reps17 Reps15 Reps10 Reps17 RepsRESTREST
Lunge Kicks40 Reps30 Reps5 Reps15 Reps40 RepsRESTREST
Wall Sit25 Reps30 Reps30 Reps25 Reps35 RepsRESTREST
Side Crunches30 Reps40 Reps40 Reps10 RepsRESTREST
High Knees20 Reps15 Reps40 Reps30 Reps25 RepsRESTREST

Post-workout care

Now, after every workout session, there are some things your body expects you to do. Think of this as part of the workout itself, as it can either improve or ruin the progress.

Controlled Eating 

Dieting is as important as exercising and what you do after the workout sessions is as important as what you do during the sessions. The math is quite simple, to burn fat and ideally, to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume.

This means that you should be aware of how many calories to eat in a day to prevent weight gain and boost your body fat loss. So focus always on healthy diet consumption and of course, no binge eating. 

Avoid overeating with all your might because your body will crave more than usual once you take up this endeavor. Be cautious of your diet and do your best to stay in charge. 

Stay Hydrated

As you exercise, your metabolism increases and your body uses up a lot of water; you also sweat profusely. Hence, you may feel out of breath and dehydrated. For you to remain hydrated, you should drink lots of water before, during, and after the exercise. 

Get a Scale

To keep yourself motivated, get a weight measuring scale so that you can keep track of your progress at the end of every week. You will be surprised at the number of kilos you are shedding at the peak of the exercise routine from your second week. 


Getting the right results from any workout routine depends on two core factors, eating right and sticking to the plan. If you can do these two things, you will be surprised at the transformation you will see by the end of the month. 

So, follow this 4-week weight loss workout plan at home and you will be good to go!


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