Workout Wear – How to Choose the Right One for You?

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Woman tying laces of her workout shoes in preparation for fitness training

Sports injuries usually occur due to the lack of proper equipment, attire, or footwear. Remember that when you are working out, proper attire and footwear protects you from strain, impact, and injuries. Learn how to choose the right workout and footwear.

Your attire and your shoes will have a major impact on your workout. The importance of wearing proper footwear and clothing cannot be underestimated. Some workouts like swimming, bicycling, or biking will require different kinds of clothing. For daily general exercises, it is good to wear some attire that fits you well and at the same time keeps you cool and comfortable.

Choosing the right workout wear and shoes is not an easy thing to do if you are very conscious about your appearance. You might want your footwear and attire to be stylish and at the same time to be functional. If you are a style junkie, you just need to spend some more time online on research or you can even visit a clothing store for shopping. You will get the exact kind of workout gear you are looking for. Luckily, we live in the age of a booming and ever-expanding fitness interest among people of all ages which leads to expansion in fitness gear and athleisure market.

There are a lot of benefits of wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Given below are easy guides that focus on the steps involved in choosing workout gear that suit you the best and make you feel comfortable. Let’s start with choosing the right workout clothes first.

Things to consider when choosing the right workout wear

What you wear while performing your workouts can decide how comfortable or uncomfortable you are while performing the exercises. Consequently, it might also influence the outcomes of your exercise regimen. Performing yoga in a pair of boxing shorts will only ensure that you do not do any of your poses right. There are many such factors to consider while picking your workout gear. Here are some:

Appropriate clothing

Workouts can be a lot more enjoyable and easier to do if you wear the right kind of clothes that suit them. For example – Padded cycling shorts will make you feel more comfortable if you are a cyclist who loves taking long rides.

Running tights and Yoga pants look the same but both serve and fit differently. Moreover, they are both made from different fabrics. You will feel more comfortable if you can allot different budgets to purchase different clothing. A little extra time, attention, and possibly money can make a huge difference in your fitness and workout experience.

Think of comfort

During exercising, nobody wants to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. Sometimes, your workout clothes might feel extremely tight, seem to have thick seams, uncomfortable sleeves or keep sliding upwards when you lean forward.

Many times, you may feel that the workout clothes that you have just selected are the best workout clothes for you but there are chances that you might not feel comfortable when you wear them. So, it is always good to try them before buying them. When you try them, try doing different workout motions and see if they are okay. Once you start working out, you should start feeling completely comfortable with the attire.

Wear high-visibility clothes

This is especially for those people who work out during early mornings or during late evenings. Remember that your clothes should be easily seen by drivers who are driving vehicles on roads that are scantily lit. Wearing bright-colored clothes that have reflective strips increases visibility and decreases the danger of you getting hit on dimly lit pathways.

Materials to choose

Workout clothes are available in different materials. Many people opt for cotton as it is not expensive and feels very comfortable when worn. But research [1]MedlinePlus: Exercise clothing and shoes says that if you sweat a lot cotton can be a terrible option because cotton gets soaked easily and will make you very uncomfortable.

It is better to opt for scientifically designed synthetic fabrics that are breathable, stay dry for longer and keep you cool and comfortable. It is always good to find breathable fabrics that not only keep you cool and dry in summer but also warm in winters. So, based on weather conditions, you should choose your fabric of the attire to make them your best workout clothes.

Layering your clothes

It is more important to be extra cautious of your clothes if you are working out in a cold climate. During this time, it can be challenging to wear the right amount of attire to keep yourself comfortable.

It is always better to wear 2 to 3 layers of clothes when going out to work out in colder climates. Once you start feeling warm, you can take off one or two layers of clothing. Remember to wear close-fitting clothes first and loose clothes over them. If the cold is too much, wear gloves and something to cover your head(caps, ear bands, beanies, and so on). 

Antimicrobial Workout Clothes

Workout clothes often give off a bad odor even after a wash. The best solution to this is to purchase anti-odor or anti-microbial clothes. There are several good, comfortable and stylish options available in these fabrics. Research online, or ask your local fitness store salespersons to help you pick the best fabrics. 

Alternatively, you can also soak your workout clothes by adding a cup of white wine vinegar to them before you wash them. This will help get rid of the post-workout and post-wash odors. 

Things to remember when choosing the right shoes

As a thumb rule, visit a specialty store to buy athletic shoes. The staff will advise you on the right shoe that would suit your sports activity. It is good to wear and see at least 3 to 4 of them till you get your right size and requirement.

It is good to go and purchase your shoes after exercising because this will help you in buying the right size, as your feet are the largest after you have worked out. When you go to buy shoes, try wearing the same pair of socks that you wear for your workout.

There is a great chance that your feet become larger with the increase in your age. So, ask the seller to measure your feet whenever you go to buy shoes. It is also very common that one of your feet might be a little bigger than the other.

When you try your new shoes at the store, make sure that you walk and move around a little to check if you are feeling comfortable before you purchase them. Also, a study [2]National Institute on Aging: Finding the Right Fitness Shoes and Clothes suggests to be sure that the heel and the grip of your shoes are perfect. Your heel should not slip in the shoes when you move.

When trying your shoes, try walking both on hard surfaces and on a carpet. Examine the soles and see if the shoes are sturdy that can protect your feet from harmful objects.

If you are playing a sport, there are certain shoes that suit the particular sport. Different shoes are designed for different sports like golf, football, tennis, soccer, bicycling, running, and many others. All of these have different designs, weights, and materials specially manufactured for protection against those activities.

How do shoes affect your legs, joints, and feet?

If your shoes are too loose, not supportive, or too tight, your workouts may add extra stress on your joints, ankles, lower legs, and feet. This will result in more injuries and pain.

Improper footwear choice will increase foot problems like postural issues, Achilles tendon pain, shin splints, lower back pain, and ingrown nails. All these issues will limit your activities and sometimes can even stop them. You [3]Better Health Channel: Choosing the right shoe can avoid injuries if you choose the right shoes. If you use the wrong pair of shoes, it can lead to:

  • Issues like arthritis or pain in your knees, feet, ankles, and hips.
  • Pain and stress in the joints, bones, and the soft tissues that support your legs.

Always remember, choosing the right shoes will always help in reducing and preventing pain in the foot. This in turn goes a long way in making your move more easily. 

Take Away

The right exercise shoe protects you from many injuries as the shoes you purchase will keep you from sharp glasses or rocks. They are textured enough that they also stop you from slipping. When choosing a shoe, always go for those that will perfectly suit your physical activity. 

Always choose shoes that have non-skid soles, better heel support, flat and cushioned arch. Also, keep in mind that they are not too thick and not too high. Whenever your shoes get worn out, replace them regularly.

Choose workout wear that goes well with your activities. While loose shorts might be right when playing basketball, they might not work well when doing yoga. Your exercise attire must make your movement easy, and you must feel comfortable wearing them. You are bound to sweat a lot during a workout. Wearing appropriate attire is important as it keeps you dry and keeps you cool.

Wear at least 2 to 3 layers of clothes during cold weather. You can remove the top layer whenever you feel warm. Choose those clothes that allow better air circulation and evaporate moisture faster.

Opting for proper clothing and the right shoes for your workout is very important. So, make sure that your footwear and attire make you both safe and comfortable so that you stay active for a long time.


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