13 Best Home Gym Exercise Equipment for 2022

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Blue and yellow themed home gym with punching boxer, indoor spin cycle and other fitness equipment

Know how to build your personal gym at home. Workout at your convenience. Find out what exercise equipment you can purchase to make your home a perfect place for you to work out.

Personal fitness is gaining a lot of importance these days. Going to the gym every day might not be possible for everyone. Professional and social commitments might not give us the time to attend a fitness center or a gym regularly.

So, people consider buying exercise equipment and workout at their convenience. If you are thinking along the same lines, you have come to the right place. Often, it is quite challenging to decide which equipment to buy because you want to get maximum returns if you make a purchase.

Not all commercial gym equipment can be home workout equipment. Let us see what are the basics you should consider and what equipment you can buy to make your home a perfect place for you to exercise.

Basics before purchasing a workout equipment

There are 4 important factors that you should consider before you purchase exercise equipment.

Type of Equipment

The first thing is to know what kind of fitness equipment is available. Exercise equipment can be classified as

  • Cardio equipment
  • Strength equipment

Detailed research on these will help to decide the type of equipment you want to buy. Moreover, your fitness needs will determine if you need strength or cardio equipment.

Workout Habits

You probably know that each exercise targets a certain part of your body. And that everyone doesn’t exercise the same. Each one of us has different preferences. Some prefer jogging or running, while others prefer muscle building workouts.

There are others who love lifting weights. There is gym equipment available for every preferred style of exercising.


Gym equipment is not cheap. If you are planning to buy a sophisticated one, keep a check on the price tag. This way you will not feel that it was a bad financial decision. You can visit a sports equipment store and find out the different ways of using the equipment. Find out if there are any deals or discounts to avail.


If you are planning to set up a home gym, you will need some space. Find a dedicated place for the equipment where you can workout daily without disturbing other activities. Also consider the power usage of the equipment and other safety precautions that must be taken.

Best home workout equipment

Below is the list of 13 equipment that can be a part of your home gym. Let’s start with those that occupy minimal space.

1. Dumbbells

The name ‘Gym’ brings their picture to our mind. Dumbbells [1]American Council on Exercise: 5 Benefits Dumbbell Training are very useful home workout equipment. These are not very expensive and occupy negligible space.

You can do a variety of exercises using them. They come in different weights and you can choose those which suit you the best.

2. Workout Mat

From stretching to HIIT and weightlifting to yoga, a workout mat is an essential name on the list of your home workout equipment. They are very affordable and come in different colours and styles. Choose a mat which has a non-slippery surface and is properly padded so that you are comfortable exercising on any surface.

3. Skipping Rope

Skipping ropes are the basic cardio equipment and probably the most inexpensive. They are very easily available in the market. You just need to choose the right length of the rope that suits your height. They offer close to a full body workout.

Did you know that you can burn 10 calories in just 1 minute of skipping ropes?

4. Hand Grippers

Hand, wrist, and palm muscles strength is extremely important. A hand gripper is a must have equipment. They strengthen your forearms and fingers helping you to perform other exercises and pull ups with more ease. The best part about hand grippers is that you can carry them with you anywhere you go.

5. Resistance bands

These are another home gym favourite. They build both muscle strength and flexibility. Resistance bands are usually elastic and sometimes fabric that add resistance or tension while exercising. They add challenge to your range of motion and engage more muscles.

Resistance bands are easily available, easy to carry, and do not occupy much space.

6. Kettlebells

Just like dumbbells, Kettlebells can be a part of your home gym as there are a variety of exercises you can do with them. They too come in different weights and do not occupy much space. They help in building [2]PubMed: Kettlebell swing training improves maximal and explosive strength a toned physique and build muscle strength. You can visit a fitness store and buy a suitable one that suits you.

7. Power Racks

Power racks are increasingly becoming a part of many home gyms these days. They are very safe when it comes to low intensity weight training. There are a few kinds of power racks that can be installed in your home gym.

If you are planning to install one at your home, visit a sports equipment store and choose the one that suits your requirement.

8. Gym ball/Swiss Ball

It is a soft elastic ball that comes in different sizes and colors. It is used while doing Pilates, gym workouts and yoga. It is used for strengthening your core. These balls can be used by any age group while working out.

The next one’s require a little more space. If you have space, like a dedicated room for working out, a corner in your garage or on your terrace, you can add the below equipment to your home gym. These are generally considered as strength training equipment.

9. Treadmill

One exercise equipment that is very popular and has become the foundation of every home gym is a treadmill. If you prefer walking, jogging, or running, invest in a good treadmill. Intensive treadmill exercise has been observed to have a positive impact on cardio-respiratory health in people [3]PubMed: Benefits of intensive treadmill exercise training on cardiorespiratory function and quality of life in patients with pulmonary hypertension .

Did you know?

More than 30% of Americans prefer walking or jogging as their preferred regular exercise.

10. Exercise Bikes/Stationary Bicycles

Exercise bikes are another popular workout equipment. They tone your complete body as they offer full body workout. There are a variety of exercise bikes with different price ranges in sports stores. You can visit them, give them a try, and decide which one suits you best.

11. Workout Bench

A workout bench is another sought after equipment of fitness freaks. Though it occupies a little space, it can be used for a full body workout.

If you want to buy a workout bench, there are different kinds of them available. You can choose the one that is made of high-quality steel which has durable leather seats. There are also foldable benches which can be easily assembled.

12. Punching Bag

If you want to sweat it out with kickboxing, MMA or just boxing, you need a punching bag. These bags also come in different sizes and weights. Some of them can be hanged from the roof while others are freestanding.

If you want to buy one, go to a sports equipment store and choose a bag that is durable, absorbs shocks and makes less noise.

13. Trampoline

If you are interested in gymnastics or acrobatics, a trampoline serves your purpose at home. But you will require larger space. You can install this in your garden or in your large backyard of the house. It burns a lot of calories by involving many muscle groups.

Before buying and installing, try the suspension and purchase the one which you are comfortable with and that can fit in your space at home.

Take Away

There are different kinds of exercise equipment that serve multiple functions. These can save a lot of your money without compromising on the space and benefits. Don’t forget to do enough research before purchasing exercise equipment. Read online reviews, take trails of the equipment wherever and whenever possible.

As a thumb rule, fitness equipment should be purchased from a reputed dealer as they meet all safety standards. It is also equally necessary to check things like warranty and maintenance support. And don’t forget the basics like space, budget, and your personal exercise goals before deciding to buy the equipment.

Basic equipment like an exercise mat, dumbbells, skipping ropes, and exercise balls might not require much research to buy them. You can watch a lot of videos and start working out from your home when you do not have an instructor.

Now that you know what to consider and what equipment to buy, your dream of a home gym is not far away.

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